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Monday, 3 October 2011


We had a few great finds at this weeks car boot sale on the hottest October weekend ever recorded apparently, so we knew it was going to be a good one.
I was very surprised to find a vintage toy dealer there with a great mixture of toys & figures and a huge 'Dukes Of Hazzard' display box filled with cars from the show.
After a long chat about various toys & collecting I came away with these 2 MEGO items the first is the Roger Moore MEGO MoonRaker figure, unboxed but in very good condition i do like this figure even though he looks oriental and he appears to have a green face! i know Roger was well known for his drinking but i think something went a bit wrong at MEGO HQ, it isn't a bad likeness though also the head is stamped 1979 but the body is marked 1977 I'm sure some MEGO collectors will know why this is.

The rather green & slightly inebriated Mr Moore
love the trouser pockets!
I also acquired this carded illia figure from the first Star Trek movie. this cost a very reasonable £5.00 which i was more than happy paying, a great card  with some nice pics on the back of the other figures in the series, i know a couple of the alien figures from the trek movie  are very rare and go for mega money when they turn up.

Back of the MEGO Illia card
The same seller also had this Talosian Alien figure from the classic Trek episode 'The Menagerie' made by Hamilton Gifts

'Come with me..I will Destroy your Mind!'

 I stood talking the stall holder for a while he was a great chap, had some top toys and knew his stuff. he  also had the  large Arcturian MEGO Trek figure, but his leg had fallen off! ( the figure not the stall holder), so if your reading this please get in touch as i would still be interested in buying him.

 As I've mentioned Colwick car boot was huge and it took us a good couple of hours to walk around, there were lots of toy boxes to rummage through mainly full of McDonald's toys if you were  collecting Shrek you'd have had a field day as i lost count of the amount of Shrek related items i saw there, in fact most of the recent dream works or Pixar movies were represented with a large variety of Broken or missing limb examples.I guess this must be the case at Boot sales all over the UK.
And talking of McDonald toys i found these 2 great catwoman mobiles, i already have one but i thought a few would look even better and its always good to have a spare for swop's or suchlike.

The great funky little catmobile...Vrooom!
Marvel was well represented too, and in a huge tub of toys  i discovered some superman & spiderman Figures. the large Superman figure is from the Bryan Singer movie and i think its supposed to be attached to the ceiling and fly around in circles, not sure what the little deformed one is but Superman looks slightly camp! but its Cool and Will fit in well with my other Superman bits.

The rather Camp Mini Superman

Mini me & super me!

More Spider booty

Last but definitely not least was this great Scooby Doo Dracula/Vampire figure for 20p off the nice Asian woman with the big toy box ,in fact all the above Superman & marvel figures were 20p each absolute bargains I've been collecting the Scooby Doo monsters for a while and i now have most of them I'll post some pics soon of the cool glow versions of the zombie character i have these seem to turn up quiet a lot at Car Boots & Markets.

The Supercool Bargain Scooby Dracula
Next week its the Great Donnington toy expect a full report with pics!

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