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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I love old display boxes, especially the ones with cool artwork,  for sweets, cards or toys on various trips to the supermarket I"m always on the lookout for a good display box  and the chances of buying whatever's left and taking the box with me to the counter, I've done this many times  and got some great boxes a few of which are pictured here

The Marvel one is from Debenhams department store around Christmas 2009 ,there was a sudden appearance of Vintage style Marvel Memorabilia including T shirts key rings mugs etc, all with Steve Ditko/Jack Kirby art there were 2 Key rings left so i got my girlfriend to take them & the display box to the counter ( i always get her to do that bit!) after smiling nicely to the assistant she said it would be fine for us to take the display box home, in fact we've never had a problem with any store assistants telling us we cant have the box as well that's if there's only a few of the items left in it.

box front with great art work
 Next is this Burger King box for Marvel superheroes i don't have any of the figures just the box, i think a friend gave me this some years ago i also have the Universal Monsters Burger box but I'll put that up a bit nearer to Halloween along with some other Monster Goodies.
Great box, shame about the Meal!
More recently i got these Marvel boxes from Morrison's Supermarket they don't seem to mind at all if you walk up to the checkout with the box, we emptied the contents out and took the box, leaving the contents on the shelf!
the box for these Candy Sticks uses same art all around
Sticker booklets and jelly's And cool little box
Next are some of my Batman display boxes these are my faves they usually feature some great artwork, the following one is from the animated series i got this from E Bay a few years ago for £4.00, it looks great on display even though the spin Pop Batmen had leaked  bat liquid candy over most of the header display it still looks good i had to remove the Candy from the Batman to prevent further damage..

Header with Leak Damage!

Surviving Spin Top Batmen

from the same E bay seller i got this Further Adventures Of Batman & Robin Spin Pop Candy box with surviving Spin Pop Candy Batman & robin, Batman's Spin Pop had already began leaking so i removed it to prevent further damage, I've left Robins on as so far it hasn't leaked, I've had it for around 4 years and its been fine even up in the attic where i store a lot of the items i don't have room for its still OK with no sign of leaking as yet.

Great art for the box front
Batman had to have his spin Pop removed, poor bloke.
Side on view Robin..yes and Batman's on the other.

There was a lot of great stuff for the first Tim Burton Batman movie and a dealer friend of mine had accumulated a lot of it and stored it away, i got quiet a few nice things from him as  at the time I'd gone a bit Bat mad  I've since sold lots of it on the E bay, but i kept a few of the boxes like these 2 Tops ones, the first was for the candy heads, nice little plastic busts full of little pieces of candy in the image of Nicholson's Joker, and Keaton's Batman. neither are rare but i like them especially the one with the Joker art work, it looks very oriental and can still be got off E bay as can the the card box, usually still full of cards.

Very Japan Looking box, with Animated series card box.
Love the Joker & Batman art

From the first Burton movie

The next one is my fave, and another of our Supermarket steals!, it was full of tins but we emptied it kept one and took the box to the counter, this was at Tesco, and once again no bother at all.. i just liked the box so much, from ' The Batman' animated series and its another one that looks great as a little backdrop for figures.

I like this box!
Different pose for the sides

Love the Bat signal in the background

This is the Waddingtons Pog Display box and as you can see also has some great artwork, i especially like the line up of villains just under Batman and the great Bat signal in the distance, i got this from the same guy who had kept and stored Various Bat items since the Burton Movie it came with quiet a few Pog packs too.
As did this brilliant Joker box, the art on this is just fantastic and looks great displayed with various Joker figures

Super cool hypnotic Joker!
Side view..Ha Ha!

Big and small packs
So there we are a few of my Display boxes, i have a few vintage ones too which I'll blog at a later date.


  1. Display boxes like these are a great addition to any collection. As you know, items like this that were made to be thrown away can become extremely rare, so keep grabbing them off the shelves as long as they let you!

    I've been enjoying your site immensely. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you coolandcollected, the same goes for your site i'm liking it very much.

  3. That Joker box is sort of creepy lol.

  4. These are fond memeories of my childhood. I loved the Topps cards as a kid and the challenge of compelting a series of cards. I have the Batman Spin Pop and of course the Batman Topps cards.

  5. Yes, they are great, i thought you would have them!

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