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Monday, 28 November 2011


Although I'm not a huge fan, i still couldn't help picking up these odd few Six Million Dollar Man items i discovered recently, the first was in a charity shop and cost me £2.99 , its another of those classic Denys Fisher 1970's games that i like, those and any made by Palitoy with a Superhero/Science Fiction theme are usually Great with superb box art/graphics that even if your not a collector of that particular show,the box makes them worth picking up.

We had an attempt at playing the game one night, its pretty awful to play, but the board spinner & figure cards  look great..very basic, throw a dice, miss a go stuff, not very challenging even for the time, i remember a Friend having it but i don't remember it being so dull to play.
Most of the other Denys Fisher games had the same problem, ( except War of the Daleks) and used the same game play, They had a spinner instead of dice, carded figures..etc, they were obviously quick money making spin offs what saved them was, as I've said, they looked great.

Great board & bionic Spinner!

A total surprise was finding this 1970's poster mag in the box, hidden under the inside board! opens out into a huge poster of Lee Majors i can imagine this graced many walls in the UK during the 1970's.

Dollar Bonus Mag!
the great Steve Austin
Finding those great items inspired me to drag out this also very great Berwick mask & outfit set, i got this around 20 years ago very cheap from an old toy shop, as I've said I'm not a  collector but these SMDM items just seem to find me.

great Box

The actual outfit is hilarious. but as a child's dressing up outfit it kind of works, just a red suit of some kind would have been really dull, so i guess they overcompensated with this!..its madly Psychedelic.


I love the side of the box too..great little graphic, i also have the Batman dressing up outfit from around the same time, but the box is nowhere near as good.

Good  Side!
I also have this projector, another accidental buy when i saw it going really cheap on the E bay i decided on a last minuet bid and got it for £2.99..again, seems to be a good price for Vintage Dollar Man the box is faded, but i have no intention of keeping it and I'll have to sell it on along with the mask. space is at a premium at the moment in the Toy room..

Shame about the faded box

The slides look great, but its no longer working but i do love those old Chad Valley projector sets, i have a few more Dollar Man items scattered around the Toy room, my fave being this Old Oscar Goldman doll who's fallen fowl of the Mighty Jaws..

Poor Oscar he'll need Bionic legs now!
And here's Steve..hiding in the darkest corner of the Room..

Steve and his pal The Green Goblin!
I have one more Dollar Man related item, which I'll blog about later in the you cant wait!