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Wednesday, 28 September 2011


My friend Steve , who resides in sunny Northampton, creates these cool custom header cards, useful if you think the original packaging the toys came in is a bit rubbish, case in point being the recent Dr Who 70's figures, and the Dapol Dr Who toys, both of which have pretty rubbish packaging, I like something that represents the era of the show, and Steve's headers conjure up visions of Hong Kong rack toys & 70's Esq artwork which i love, the Silurian dinosaur is a great header, there is at the moment, no such toy, but i have a 70's Dino that looks a little like the one in the show ( a small T Rex that lives in a cave) add a card, and there you have it! a cheap nasty but brilliant rack toy, had this came out in the 70's, it would fetch a fortune on E bay.

Great header for the Dapol Pertwee
I staple the card to the bag, to give it that authentic rack look, although the bags need to be a bit more crinkly for that ultra real Hong Kong look.

the cheap & nasty Silurian Dinosaur!

He also does a cool line in retro 50's monsters, using original rubber spiders & creatures,  here's one he did for me for my old 1960's rubber spider.

Here's the latest custom headers, a great Time Warrior figure Lynx without his helmet this is the old Dapol version i like the Dapol figures they are not as detailed as the new ones coming out, but they look more toy-Esq..if you see what i mean anyways they suit a header card more than a blister pack methinks
Pertwee grapples with Lynx..The sontaran,not the deodorant
B side of the Header
Next is the custom header for the 'Day of the Daleks' Dalek, this is my fave its really funky looking and i love the colourful comic book artwork.
Custom TV Action Art Header..Groovy!
B side

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