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Sunday, 25 September 2011


Most Sunday's me and my girlfriend head off for Colwick Car Boot located in a not picturesque suburb of Nottingham, the boot sale is held on the site of a Race Course not i must add, while the race is running.
This Sunday the weather was rubbish and it was a bit quieter than usual but we still came back with the following bits.
This great X files 2 figure pack, we were really happy finding this as our original figures had been lost, we still have the moulder & the alien autopsy type figure  but Scully was long gone so getting this was well worth the trip and at the bargain price of £1.00! cheap & wonderful
X Files 2 Pack.Mulder seems a bit off colour

2 Pack Back

The same seller also had a huge box of X files Vids the complete series, which he said i could have for nothing! if i could carry the box i passed up on this generous offer as we have them all on DVD and we don't have the room anyway, it seems at most car boot sales people are desperate to get rid of their Vids you can usually pick up 10 at a time  for a quid or less.

Next i found this Superman figure from the recent Bryan Singer film its pretty cool i haven't put battery's in it yet so I'm not sure what sounds it makes or even if it works but it'll look good on display, I'm not a great fan of the Singer movie but i like the toys & figures from it i like Superman in general really, a good Superman figure can help brighten up a display.

must get some battery's

My final finds after a 2 hour wonder around a muddy field were this gang of marvel characters, Lizard is one of my faves and I'm always on the lookout for figures & toys of this great character,apparently he's appearing as one of the villains in the upcoming Spiderman Movie, i'm looking forward to that.
Not sure what the hulk figure is? maybe from a game of some kind the Spiderman figure is OK  he's got some kind of web cage attached and seems to be from a Playset maybe.
I got these figures for 10p each..Bargain!

Car Boot Gang Of Marvels!

Finally here's our original Mulder figure sorting out a bunch of wild Alien types up to some Nasty abduction scenario no less..
Aliens really exist!  Mulder was right all along.

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