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Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I recently got this superb finger monster box from the States, complete with 9 Finger monsters, all different to some of the others i have in fact a new generation of finger monsters or Finger Frights if you prefer.
They tend to live outside of their box some lurking about the far corners of the toy room others attempting to terrify Jon Pertwees Third Doctor, so the empty box is gradually being filled with the Villain Rat from the great 'Fantastic Mr Fox' movie, I've found 3 of these at Car Boot sales so far, you can usually pick them up for around 20p each i really like them and i get friends to look out for them for me too ( thanks Gav) i've no idea what i intend to do with them once the box is full, stage some kind of Villainous Ratty Invasion on the world perhaps.

The Villanous Rat Army making Plans
Pertwee being terrified obviously

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