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Sunday, 30 October 2011


Yes its nearly upon us so as my little Halloween special i thought I'd blog some of my other half's Vampire bits & pieces, first is the rather fantastic Product Enterprise Christopher Lee Dracula, this is a truly great figure, and one all horror fans should have in their collections

The box is no great shakes really, i think a film poster in the style of the Sideshow figure
boxes would be better, the back of the box is a little more interesting showing the figure inside & the accessories

The figure itself is As I've said pretty fantastic, featuring a great likeness of my fave Dracula with a face Straight from the Hammer classic  'Taste the Blood Of Dracula' this looks great on display.
It also comes with Harkers Diary, A Flaming candle and a Crucifix.

The outfit is very well made with great detail, this figure was an absolute E Bay bargain for us costing £20.00, on one of thiose odd rare E Bay moments where, for what ever reason no one else is bidding, they usually fetch
upwards of £40.00 so yes, we were very pleased with him!

Drac on display

Some other Vampire bits, this great old Pan Book 'The Vampire'.presented by Roger Vadim! this is the firs edition from 1963 i love the cover its very creepy and of the time, the inside contents are all short story's by various classic authors..

In search of Dracula has some fantastic illustrations and drawings and is a factual account by 2 researchers to trace the steps of the real Dracula, or Vlad the Impailer, once again a rather fantastic ' Taste the Blood Of' cover and an excellent read,  dates from1973 and is well worth seeking out, its pictured along with 'Dracula's Gold' from the New English Library, this is a bit of a daft story! but worth having as part of the Vamp collection.

All of these books were obtained years ago by my girlfriend, in the long dark days before E Bay, when you could still find such Books pretty cheaply at Flea markets & book fairs.
Ladybird Books, are better known for their Children's titles, more so than any horror based Books, but this one dating from 1985 is Superb, its still of course aimed at children, but it has some really atmospheric illustrations inside.

Ladybirds Children's Version, still Pretty Creepy!

Love the bottom right illustration
Variation On the Cover Picture By Angus McBride
Next is this great Dracula 7" single On power records, a sub label of 'Peter Pan Records' who also did a lot of Superhero & film titles, usually a book & record..if this did come with a book, its long gone but what a great little item, with a really cool cover, front & back. I'm saving this to play tomorrow night at a little Halloween get together were having.

Lastly is this British Publication by comic master Dez Skin 'The Halls Of Horror' i have a few of these but this one features Christopher Lee so it fits in well with this Blog Post with very visually Striking cover art by Ricardo Villagran, i shall be blogging these great mags in the near future


  1. Am jealous of all these awesome Dracula stuff! Just awesome my friend.

  2. Thank you jboy, glad yer liking our stuff!