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Monday, 31 October 2011


I also found this great IPC comic from 1973, another i remember from my child hood, i found these 11 issues in a junk shop while out hunting on Friday.

Shiver and Shake began in 1973, the first issue containing a free gift, a rubber chocolate biscuit! i tried it on my dad, carefully concealing it amongst 3 others on a plate whilst he had his regular Saturday afternoon coffee..and yes it worked!
I love  The back page creepy creations! by Leo Baxendale
Frankie stein was the most popular character and he went on to appear in his own comic.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. These all look fun to read. : )

  2. Thanks jboy, yes they are lots of fun!..and becoming very collectable now.

  3. Hello, I was admiring your Gremling gang pic and noticed that you live in Nottingham.

    I'm also in Nottingham and was wondering if you knew of any local toy shops that would sell Gremlin figures and soft toys?

    Thanks, Jess :)

  4. Hi jess, thanks for checking out the blog, the only place i can think of would be Forbidden Planet off Market square, they have Gremlin soft toys & the occasional Figures..theres no where else i can think of at the moment, if i do find any other shops selling them, i'll let you know.