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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Because of Lack Of Space/finances Ect..i've had to loose a lot of the Toy was getting out of control, and i'm sure most collectors at one time, or another have had to make tough decisions about their collections, i really needed to downsize, and concentrate mainly on the toys i really loved & wanted to keep, as opposed to trying to collect everything pop culture wise that i liked.
 So for the past 6 months i've been downsizing, thats why theres been  no new posts, and i now have a new blog, the thing i liked most of all while grownig up were the 60's Secret agent toys that were available, so i decided to concentrated on those, this as been a big help to me Mentally & financially! and enabled me to start creating a new & more manageable collection..
please take a look, all new posts will now be on the new blog

i'd like to thank everyone who joined the Atomic Toy Blog, and for your support & comments.

Sunday, 15 January 2012


So i carefully cut the Clamshell packaging, took out the rather groovy Uhura figure, and placed it on my Enterprise Bridge, with my Repro & original MEGO Figures..I really like this playset, i had it in the box for a while, but eventually found a place for it, right on top of  the bookshelf!..

Uhura at the Com!
Yes i realise Scotty has no Trousers, they got lost somewhere in time on  one of the Enterprises more Daring Missions!.He's one of my original MEGOs, along with Bones McCoy.

Distance pic of the Bridge playset
Bridge box.surrounded by Mr Fox!
I've still got Spock in his packaging, and theres no room for the Salt Vampire on the rather crowded bridge, so its the small Trek cabinet for them.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I got these great Twilight Zone figures  made by  Biff Bang Pow, who are also doing a great line of Dr who Figures, more of that later..

Love The Howling Man Devil figure

Once again the packaging, in the MEGO style is fantastic and the likeness to the actors is also very good, and just like the retro Action DC figures i don't really want to open them, but i really want to Display them.

Backs of cards with the other figures available
Again these are very hard to come by in the UK,  I don't know why Forbidden Planet In Nottingham doesn't stock them, instead they go overboard on Dr Who & Twilight, they are Fantastic figures, well packaged, and  would look great on display, now if only Biff Bang would do an Outer Limits Series of Similar Size Characters. that would be Fantastic!


I asked Santa for this Fab Marvel Annual, and i wasn't disappointed, i wanted this one as it was the same one i had when i was 11 back in 1972, my partner scoured E bay and got one for me!

Great Kirby Cover
Its a bit battered and torn, but totally loved! it bought back lots of memories,as it was the same time i started to collect the British  weekly reprints of the classic 60's Marvel comics these were mainly in Black & White, with a tone of red or green to add a splash of colour the same effect was applied to this annual.

Art by the great Steve Ditko

Even in 2 colours the story's came to life, and to me, still looked great, a tribute to the great Marvel Artists of the time, and the wonderful storytelling of Stan Lee.

This lead me to tracking down the original comics, which of course were in colour, and started my Comic Collecting mania which lasted until 1977, when i started to collect records.
I eventually sold most of  my Marvel collection in 1983, to a Comic book store in Birmingham UK, i started again about 7 Years ago, when i found you could get relatively cheap comics off E Bay, if you were not too bothered about Condition & Grading.
This was a great pressie to receive, and hopefully, next year I'll ask Santa for the 1973 Marvel Annual!

The Secrets Of Spiderman..Revealed!
The Annual features Spiderman, Fantastic Four, a little history of Marvel page, and a Conan story, which i always thought was a little out of place as i guess he's not really a Marvel Character, as he wasn't created by Stan lee or any of the Marvel Bullpen, still that doesn't spoil it, as i always used to skip that story when reading it..and i still did 30 so years later!

Even In B & W King Kirby's art is Fab


Hello everyone, hope you all had a great holiday, and hope you all had some nice pressies, I'd like to share a few of mine with you, as Christmas day is also my Birthday, then i tend to get a few extra pressies, I'm lucky in that sense, and I've never really missed having a birthday earlier in the year.
I was lucky enough to receive these great Retro DC figures of Batman & Cheetah, they are of course based on the classic MEGO style.

Super Cool Retro DC Figures

Backs of Cards

I absolutely love these figures, the whole look of them is great, I'm very tempted to open them as i always think figures look much better displayed that way, on the other hand they are so cool. i don't want to spoil them in any way!..they are usually quiet expensive to buy in the UK averaging around £20.00 a figure, that Black Manta one looks Fab, i must attempt to get that.
Shame they are not packaged in the clam shell way like the Emcee Star Trek figures i got to add to my collection..

The salt Vampire being the Star figure here.its Fantastic, these are deffo being opened, as you can carefully cut along the dots without damaging the packaging too much, and i really need to display the Uhura figure on the Enterprise bridge along with my other MEGOs

I need A Gorn!
These re-issues of the Original MEGO figures a great, I'm not a Purist collector, if i like it. I'll buy it and display it regardless of age or collectability.and they were on sale in Forbidden Planet at £6.99!..absolute bargains really, i may go back and get the Sulu figure, for my now overcrowded Enterprise bridge.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Its been a bit quiet on the charity shop & car boot front at the moment, so most of my recent buys have been from E bay,these 2 great games are from the UK company Palitoy who you may know mainly for Action Man, they also did a great line in Board Games this is the Hulk game from 1979, featuring 'Abomination' i really love the box art its striking & colour full and looks pretty fab on display.

Instructions &  Hulk /Banner Counters
I like the fact that Abomination comes as a cube!, and the Banner/hulk counters are pretty cool, the cards depict buildings,something the Hulk likes to smash, I've not had chance to play this yet so i hope it works as a game a bit better than the Dollar man board game does.

Hulk Board Hulk Smash!
A great bargain for £8.00, I've seen some sellers with it listed at £30.00.
so merry Hulkmass everyone!

This is the other game i got just a few days after my Hulk purchase, I'm always on the lookout for vintage Superhero toys & games anything from the sixties or seventies, the artwork & design of those decades was fantastic, and a lot more imaginative than you see nowadays.
Made by the Bradgate division of Palitoy comes the 'Marvel comics Superheroes Game' i guess between the 2, this is my fave as it features not one but five superheroes all battling against the mighty' Mephisto', a character i must admit to not being familiar with, i would have thought 'Kang' or 'Doctor Doom' would have fitted the game better, but saying that, he does look pretty mean & cool.

Great Board Excelsior!
As you can see another great board, depicting the Five heroes in separate corners, and the middle kept for another Cube shaped Villain!..the designers at Palitoy seemed to like their cube shaped characters.

Iron man & Torch
Super Spidey
The inside is also super great featuring more character counters of the Heroes & their everyday counterparts ( excuse the pun) and that great Mephisto cube and a super spinner, no doubt left over from the Batman/Superman games,this is one I'm really looking forward to playing over the holidays.


Mighty Mephisto..Cube!
Complex Instructions..

Hopefully I'll get a chance to do one more blog before Chrismas with a few of my recent charity shop finds..but if not.
Happy Holiday's everyone!

Monday, 28 November 2011


Although I'm not a huge fan, i still couldn't help picking up these odd few Six Million Dollar Man items i discovered recently, the first was in a charity shop and cost me £2.99 , its another of those classic Denys Fisher 1970's games that i like, those and any made by Palitoy with a Superhero/Science Fiction theme are usually Great with superb box art/graphics that even if your not a collector of that particular show,the box makes them worth picking up.

We had an attempt at playing the game one night, its pretty awful to play, but the board spinner & figure cards  look great..very basic, throw a dice, miss a go stuff, not very challenging even for the time, i remember a Friend having it but i don't remember it being so dull to play.
Most of the other Denys Fisher games had the same problem, ( except War of the Daleks) and used the same game play, They had a spinner instead of dice, carded figures..etc, they were obviously quick money making spin offs what saved them was, as I've said, they looked great.

Great board & bionic Spinner!

A total surprise was finding this 1970's poster mag in the box, hidden under the inside board! opens out into a huge poster of Lee Majors i can imagine this graced many walls in the UK during the 1970's.

Dollar Bonus Mag!
the great Steve Austin
Finding those great items inspired me to drag out this also very great Berwick mask & outfit set, i got this around 20 years ago very cheap from an old toy shop, as I've said I'm not a  collector but these SMDM items just seem to find me.

great Box

The actual outfit is hilarious. but as a child's dressing up outfit it kind of works, just a red suit of some kind would have been really dull, so i guess they overcompensated with this!..its madly Psychedelic.


I love the side of the box too..great little graphic, i also have the Batman dressing up outfit from around the same time, but the box is nowhere near as good.

Good  Side!
I also have this projector, another accidental buy when i saw it going really cheap on the E bay i decided on a last minuet bid and got it for £2.99..again, seems to be a good price for Vintage Dollar Man the box is faded, but i have no intention of keeping it and I'll have to sell it on along with the mask. space is at a premium at the moment in the Toy room..

Shame about the faded box

The slides look great, but its no longer working but i do love those old Chad Valley projector sets, i have a few more Dollar Man items scattered around the Toy room, my fave being this Old Oscar Goldman doll who's fallen fowl of the Mighty Jaws..

Poor Oscar he'll need Bionic legs now!
And here's Steve..hiding in the darkest corner of the Room..

Steve and his pal The Green Goblin!
I have one more Dollar Man related item, which I'll blog about later in the you cant wait!