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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I asked Santa for this Fab Marvel Annual, and i wasn't disappointed, i wanted this one as it was the same one i had when i was 11 back in 1972, my partner scoured E bay and got one for me!

Great Kirby Cover
Its a bit battered and torn, but totally loved! it bought back lots of memories,as it was the same time i started to collect the British  weekly reprints of the classic 60's Marvel comics these were mainly in Black & White, with a tone of red or green to add a splash of colour the same effect was applied to this annual.

Art by the great Steve Ditko

Even in 2 colours the story's came to life, and to me, still looked great, a tribute to the great Marvel Artists of the time, and the wonderful storytelling of Stan Lee.

This lead me to tracking down the original comics, which of course were in colour, and started my Comic Collecting mania which lasted until 1977, when i started to collect records.
I eventually sold most of  my Marvel collection in 1983, to a Comic book store in Birmingham UK, i started again about 7 Years ago, when i found you could get relatively cheap comics off E Bay, if you were not too bothered about Condition & Grading.
This was a great pressie to receive, and hopefully, next year I'll ask Santa for the 1973 Marvel Annual!

The Secrets Of Spiderman..Revealed!
The Annual features Spiderman, Fantastic Four, a little history of Marvel page, and a Conan story, which i always thought was a little out of place as i guess he's not really a Marvel Character, as he wasn't created by Stan lee or any of the Marvel Bullpen, still that doesn't spoil it, as i always used to skip that story when reading it..and i still did 30 so years later!

Even In B & W King Kirby's art is Fab

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