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Sunday, 25 September 2011


I Have 3 Batman board games, all from different eras of the show, the first one is a lovely old Hasbro game entitled, 'Help Batman & Robin capture the joker', the box lid is fab i love the artwork especially of the Joker zooming towards Batman in his bright red car, not sure what Robins doing, as he appears to be flying!

The game board is also pretty fantastic, the artwork again is brilliant with Batman & Robin both swooping down towards the Joker, who is once again out cruising in his bright red car, the board makes a great backdrop for figures it seems a shame to keep such a great bit of artwork tucked away in the box.


I got this incomplete off of the E bay, i wasn't too concerned about that, as i mainly loved the box, and thought it would look great on display regardless of some of the contents missing.

 The Second of my Bat games is the great Denys Fisher version as a child growing up in the 70"s Denys Fisher was a name you"d be very familiar with, The company made some great games, my ultimate fave being the "War Of The Daleks"..more on that later..The Batman game, once again has a great box very displayable with no less than 3 Batmen in action! and one lone robin to dispatch the villains.

Once again a Bat spinner is featured  instead of a dice  but what a great spinner it is, this time the Joker & Penguin seem to have appeared wonder why they were not included  on the box art?.
The board, is once again rather Fantastic, in fact i like this one better than the 1960"s one.
theres loads going on here with 2 face, The  Penguin, the Batmobile and a rather old Bat logo in the centre.
A lovely old game and a great display piece, well worth the £15.00 I paid And not too difficult to find on E Bay, or toy fairs.
The third game from my collection is the Parker Brothers 3D Batman Returns game, obviously from the Tim Burton movie of the same name

once again great box art  featuring the stars of the movie, Batman , Cat woman & Penguin, pretty good likeness of Keaton Too I love the cats & penguins coming towards you, very dynamic and once again this makes a great backdrop for figures & toys.

I put a part  of the game together to show the 3-D ness of it, and as you can see its pretty cool as are the stand up  figure counters of the main characters, its completely different to the other 2 games i have but still a really nice item and very cheap to pick up, i paid 99p for this! no one else bid so it was a fantastic bargain i thought

Here's my 70"s game on display, with my incomplete MEGO Robin & Batman figures, 3 great McDonald Cars ( I love these) some badges, and a game counter from the Parker game which makes a nice little display item with a few other Cat woman bits next to it.

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