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Monday, 10 October 2011


After a break of a couple of years the toy & collectors fair finally returned to Donnington Park on Sunday and with apparently 500 stalls as they had  also merged it with the International collectors fair.
We got there nice and early (myself, my girlfriend & Jonny T) a huge queue had already begun and we filed in eager to see all the toy goodies on display, the first hour or so was a little disappointing as there seemed to be masses of Dinky & train toys and not a lot in the way of Horror or Sci Fi collectibles, the first thing i bought was an old Avengers paperback I'm a big fan of this great series from the 1960's and it was a steal at £3.00 the stall had lots of 60's UK TV shows on DVD and lots of TV tie ins & Merch, i almost bought the New Avengers board game which was very reasonably priced at £15.00, but space is at a premium at the moment in the toy room so i had to let that one go, although it was still there 4 hours later, after another 30 min walkabout and not a lot of great toys, i came to a stall with a lot of cool items and my second buy was this great Planet Of The Apes Super 8 Movie

I've seen these on the E bay a few times but i usually get out bid as they can go for up to £20.00, i got this one for £5.00 so a great bargain and one i was very happy with this will look  great on display with my other Ape bits.
A cool cross section of collectibles minus one Ape super 8
Things were looking up with a few more stalls selling more of a variety of stuff instead of the Dinky & Star Wars toys that sometimes clog up a lot of the fairs i mean one or 2 of these kind of stalls is fine i like looking at the old Dinkys & Corgi's. i had most of them as a Lad but stall after stall of them gets a bit Dull & disappointing so its nice to find a descent stall with a good cross section of toys and things you'd not previously seen I'm sure a lot of dealers have given up on toy fairs altogether and now just sell on the E bay.
my girlfriend found some great Nightmare Before Christmas figures she hadn't got and also this great Gremlins Stripe figure which caused a lot of attention as she carried it around which was strange as the seller had it dumped at the bottom of a box out of sight!, at £3.00 this was a great bargain..

Stripe naughty Gremlin with tag Bargain!
Next up were these 1960's spacemen i found these rummaging through a large box of various Nick knacks  Toy Soldiers Animals etc..they were 30p each and originate from Spain i like them a lot i think you can't go wrong with plastic 1960's Spacemen really..

Talking of Spacemen i found this bag of Britain's space Creatures made of metal & rubber i love the bat one he's ace, i got some of these previously off of the E bay along with various vehicles for them to command i believe they are called Star Guards , i bagged all these for £3.00.
Britain's Star Guards Creatures

my fave, the great Bat Creature Alien

Various Star Creatures
This ones been involved in a bloody Skirmish
The same dealer also had this Incredible Hulk Hand/Glove puppet it's Missing the box/Header card but for £5.00 i thought it will look great on display, the front is as it should be but the back of the puppet was missing and someone has stitched on a completely different back as you can see..

Hulks Beach Boys style stripey shirt
Gargon! live at Donnington
Next i snapped up this ET display box & card pack very reasonably priced at £5.00 for both, unusual to find an ET display box i thought, apparently the stall holder had had it for a long time and never thought about selling it before its pretty cool as you can see and did of course originally hold the card packs for the ET game.
I did!

After 4 hours walking about i needed refreshments so it was back to the car for sarnies & chocolate , we went back for one last dash about as people had started packing up and i grabbed this great Hong Kong rack toy for a quid! had been sitting there all day and no one had bothered buying it ,maybe it was more expensive earlier i don't know, but for a quid i didn't think twice theres nothing on the back of the card and no year of issue I'd probably guess at late 60's early 70's i was really happy to get this and at such a cheap price.
 Some of the other bits we found..
Cool Dracula figure & X men wolf
Justice League Superman's Resting!

Jonny T found the Cool drac figure for 50p The wolf is marked Marvel Comics X men, so its obviously to do with that,we thought it would just look cool amongst the Vampires we have and the Justice League figures were a Quid each, yes we shop cheaply at the toy fair no expense spared! the Van Helsing figure was also a bargain for £2.00, in fact cheaper than the one we picked up at a charity shop which cost us £6.00, amazing to think the Toy Fair is cheaper than The charity shop!
Van Helsing Bat Creature
More stall pics, see what goodies you can spot ( i don't mean the comedy trio from the 70's)
Some great items here

Jim 'Mr Star Wars 'Stevensons great display
Stall where i got the ET box & cards
The above stall also had some great 'A team' transfer sets and loads of other great items so we had a pretty cool time didn't spend a fortune and came home with some top bits for the toy collection.


  1. thanks, i think we did pretty well its still possible to find cool stuff at the Toy Fairs.Even though i think a lot of dealers save their best for E Bay.

  2. Excellent post! Thanks so much for sharing these pics. There were some amazing items at that show and you found some real treasures. Congrats!

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  4. Thanks coolandcollected, great blog you have too!

  5. We did have a great day out and the Toy Fairs a fantastic, I can definitely see me and vince making it an anual trip for us both,
    Great Post!
    Jonny T

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