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Friday, 7 October 2011


Yes its near that time again and most stores have got their Halloween stuff out on display, most of it is very kiddie and rubbish but some gems for horror collectors are starting to appear, like these demon babies
Arrgh! ain't he cute!
My thanks to Jonny T for these pics haven't been & checked out Asda yet but i will do so tomorrow, so theres more pics to come i love this Devil head also from Asda & Morrison's.

Here's some of the horror bits at Asda & Wilkinson's for this year..

I like these Skelly convicts!

The portraits change as you walk past them

The usual ' Scream' Mask and a cool Devil one not too Kiddy
Wilko's Devil Cats with light up eyes & screaming sound just like the real thing!

 Death at Bargain Prices!

Screaming Gargoyles

Thanks To Mr Jonny T for these Heads
So not a great selection about the same as last year , with the occasional cool piece thrown in, and no Evil Screamers at wilko this year ( unless you count the staff) but those Asda heads are great, my thanks again to Mr Jonny T for those a bargain , get em while you can they sold out pretty quickly last year.

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