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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I recently won these great Forbidden Worlds comics on E Bay i usually just stick to my Marvel & DC as there are enough titles there to keep me busy and empty my Pay pal account, but as these were going cheap i couldn't resist,and also because i hadn't Blogged any of my recent comic buys and theres been a lot of those!, if your not too fussed about condition, which I'm not,as long as no pages are missing or cut out i don't mind the occasional crease or mark so the following Forbidden Worlds can best be described as  very good, or Reader copy's if you like.

The devil cover with the story 'The Gift Of Guts' is my fave so far, i like Devil associated items and that is a great cover the others feature more of the  super hero type characters,rather than the one off 'Tales of Terror' style story's the comic started with due to pressure from the senate which saw the rise of the 'Comic Code' and the more horror type story's dropped. All the issues are enjoyable, and feature good artwork including Marvels John Buscema.

The comic ran for 145 issues from October 1961..and yes I'm getting my info from Wiki, otherwise i wouldn't have a clue about this comic! but after enjoying these 4 issues thoroughly I'm after more!..oh no, that's how things start getting out of hand ,and before you know it, your very poor,but comically richer!

First story from issue 113
The Hypno Coin!.classic ad.
Cover story 'The Gift of Guts!'

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