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Sunday, 18 September 2011


This has got to be one of my most favourite recent items from E Bay, the fantastic Ideal " Man from Uncle" game.
As you can see the box is fantastic, I love the pic of the ultra cool Napoleon Solo with silencer pistol, and the fight scene on the left of the box lid, sadly missing Illya, allthough the guy in the centre looks a little bit like him, creeping up armed with a knife! There's a glamourous woman, standing in front of a control panel, beneath her is a missile of some kind, obviously part of a deadly Thrush plan for world domination.
This is the kind of box picture/artwork that you would never see on any of today's toys, I'm sure there would be a huge outcry from shocked parents everywhere.
The inside isn't that great, the board is ok, but lacks anymore Uncle inspired pics or artwork, the playing pieces are  generic plastic figures of spy-ish/espionage looking men, the cloak and dagger look I guess you'd call it, and the 1960's idea of what spys looked like!
I got the game from a seller in the States, as you never see it in the UK, expensive to ship, actually the shipping cost more than the game! Often the case when buying items from the States.
I haven't played it yet, but I guess you do not  buy these TV tie in games to play them, and most of the ones I have attempted to play have been a bit naff, but they look fantastic on display, the plastic figures are also very like the ones used in Parker Brothers 'Microdot' game, another spy espionage classic and one I have played very often, using cunning and double cross, you have to steal your enemy spy's briefcase from their embassy and return safely to your embassy, using wire cutters, ladders ect, there's walls to breach, codes to crack..ect, it really is a fantastic game for the budding Harry Palmer and with a couple of bottles of wine, passes an evening nicely, great fun!
I originally purchased mine from an old toy warehouse in the 1970's called ' Preedys', which was also a chain of newsagents, most 1970's shopping precints had one.

I recommend 'Microdot' to play and 'Uncle' to display!..over & out..

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