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Sunday, 15 January 2012


So i carefully cut the Clamshell packaging, took out the rather groovy Uhura figure, and placed it on my Enterprise Bridge, with my Repro & original MEGO Figures..I really like this playset, i had it in the box for a while, but eventually found a place for it, right on top of  the bookshelf!..

Uhura at the Com!
Yes i realise Scotty has no Trousers, they got lost somewhere in time on  one of the Enterprises more Daring Missions!.He's one of my original MEGOs, along with Bones McCoy.

Distance pic of the Bridge playset
Bridge box.surrounded by Mr Fox!
I've still got Spock in his packaging, and theres no room for the Salt Vampire on the rather crowded bridge, so its the small Trek cabinet for them.


  1. Uhura on the bridge and Scotty has no pants! Something is going on with these two....And i thought Kirt was the lusty one lol.

    McCoy is the man by the way my favorite character on the show.

  2. Going pantless is more of an 'Engineering' thing than it is a 'Bridge' thing.

    What a great time to live in when we can get these figures and playsets from the past. I don't mind that I have the retro-bridge set. It's just as cool as having the original.

    AND it comes with pants.

  3. Yes i agree, it is just as good as the original, and a lot cheaper!,,i must get Scotty some trousers, or maybe he'd like a Kilt?..its getting colder,cant be good hanging around the bridge with no trousers on.

  4. Looks like a star trek swingers party! I can hear scotty now shouting"captain,she's gunna blow!"
    Great diplay vince!!