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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I got these great Twilight Zone figures  made by  Biff Bang Pow, who are also doing a great line of Dr who Figures, more of that later..

Love The Howling Man Devil figure

Once again the packaging, in the MEGO style is fantastic and the likeness to the actors is also very good, and just like the retro Action DC figures i don't really want to open them, but i really want to Display them.

Backs of cards with the other figures available
Again these are very hard to come by in the UK,  I don't know why Forbidden Planet In Nottingham doesn't stock them, instead they go overboard on Dr Who & Twilight, they are Fantastic figures, well packaged, and  would look great on display, now if only Biff Bang would do an Outer Limits Series of Similar Size Characters. that would be Fantastic!

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